Science vs. Spirituality

Science verses spirituality is an old paradigm embeded in the duality of man's consciousness. But like many dualities these days, the two former opponents are becoming increasingly blended, as the old barriers are torn down to make way for a holistic fusion that is much more powerful than the sum of the opposing parts. Theoretical … Continue reading Science vs. Spirituality


The Brilliant Light of the Celestial Stars

The heavenly light of the celestial stars has always been at the core of spiritual teachings.  Krishna, Buddha and Christ were all said to be born from a brilliant Star in the East.  As science tells us, the heavenly stars all have very different characteristics.  From their chemical composition to age and brilliance, the stars … Continue reading The Brilliant Light of the Celestial Stars

Unity Meditation

On Novemeber 15, 2016, one week after the U.S. Presidential Election, World Vision Meditation held a Post Election Unity Meditation to help clear up the divisive fog from the election process.  When the idea was conceived, an inexplicable glance at the clock revealed the time to be 5:55 p.m..  According to Drunvalo Melchiezedek, this triple … Continue reading Unity Meditation

The Process of Awakening

Just like the brainwaves that accompany our daily states of shifting consciousness, Awakening is a shifting process as well.  There may be moments of peak lucidity where all the layers of reality effortlessly reveal themselves, while other periods are marked by frustration as we attempt to navigate a world plagued by frequencies of fear which manifest as control, materialism and … Continue reading The Process of Awakening